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Laserfiche – Nashua's ultimate document management solution

Many companies have moved from traditional document storage mechanisms, such as hardcopy filing, with its trademark boxes, files and endless amounts of paper, towards more efficient, organised and easily accessible digital document management systems that have shown many of Nashua's clients a definite positive return on investment as well as savings on time.

Nashua's exclusive right to market and distribute Laserfiche in South Africa means that Nashua's clients are able to reap the rewards that come with this powerful document management solution, which not only improves efficiency and speed, but ensures that documents are safe.

“Laserfiche is a unified solution that manages an organisation's documents and records, regardless of location or media. It strikes a balance between security and accessibility, protecting information while providing efficient access to all information, thereby increasing productivity. It is engineered to deploy in days rather than weeks, therefore delivering a fast return on investment without overtaxing IT resources,” says Nashua's Consulting Solutions Manager, Ben Sheppard.

The solution enhances operational efficiency by ensuring that finding any stored document is much easier, which enables the pace of business processes to be dramatically increased. This frees up more time for actual work and response time to tasks as opposed to the time spent looking for a specific file, paper, invoice, etc. The Workflow Suite is able to maintain this business process pace and is able to alert management to action and inaction. Laserfiche is designed to put the right tools and the right information in the hands of the right people at the right time.

The ability to secure your documents and organisational knowledge is of great importance. As flexible to configure as it is rigorous, Laserfiche prevents unauthorised access with function rights, access controls and audit trails that maintain constant vigilance over user actions.

Laserfiche empowers the user with the ability to manage hardcopy documents and records alongside electronic documents and e-mail. Laserfiche allows users to apply organisational record policies and procedures consistently, managing scanned images such as faxes, word-processing documents and objects stored in off-site storage locations.

The knowledge of any company is a valuable asset and the space occupied by this is just as valuable. Laserfiche captures paper documents of varying types and sizes into a secure digital central location, reducing filing and retrieval costs, and allowing you to reclaim office space for productive activities.

Aside from the cost of storage space, the cost of staying compliant is an important company consideration, with evolving regulations that drive records storage costs and impose time-sensitive retrieval burdens on companies. Laserfiche supports compliance initiatives while reducing paper-handling processes, assuring proper records retention, while providing a flexible platform that accommodates South African technology compliances.

“Used in over 21 000 organisations worldwide, this fantastic product is simple to use and incorporates seamlessly with operating systems, existing knowledge management systems and networks. The simplicity of this program means the solution can be quickly adopted by staff,” says Sheppard.

The solution is easily customisable to a client's specific needs and Nashua consultants do a comprehensive needs and cost analysis before installing the program.

Sheppard concludes: “Considering each client individually, and matching their needs to the various add-on applications we offer, means that each client receives software that is almost tailor-made for them – it is the ultimate solutions-based approach."

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Nashua is the leading distributor of digital office automation equipment and document output solutions in southern Africa. Through its 60 offices based in various regions in southern Africa, they supply and service a wide range of products, which include black-and-white and colour multifunction devices and software solutions to the South African market. For more information, visit


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