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MicroStrategy gears up for mobile BI

The business intelligence industry is re-inventing itself as mobile technologies take off, says MicroStrategy's Dominik Hertzog.  

MicroStrategy has revealed plans to invest in business intelligence (BI) applications integrated with mobile devices, including the iPad.

Dominik Hertzog, MicroStrategy senior director, EMEA and APAC marketing, told ITWeb the company released a BI application for BlackBerry smartphones earlier this year and plans to roll out the application to the Apple iPhone as well as the iPad.

He explains that the proliferation of smartphone devices including the iPad has led to a revolution in developing BI applications for mobile devices.

“This year, we're seeing the business intelligence industry re-inventing itself,” says Hertzog.

“These always-connected devices will change the way people work and consume information. Mobile devices are a natural extension of the Internet and will make it easier for users to manage and analyse corporate information.

“Having BI on a mobile phone makes the information more visual and offers a better end-user experience. There is also less training involved to use the application.”

The BI provider will reveal its mobile application platform at MicroStrategy World 2010 in Cannes, France, in July.

MicroStrategy World 2010 is the company's largest BI event and will act as a platform for MicroStrategy to roll out BI applications on mobile devices such as BlackBerry smartphones, the iPhone and iPad.

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