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Report back from the Cisco CxO Forum

SA, Africa laden with tech opportunities

Daniel Silke
By Admire Moyo, ITWeb's portals writer.
Johannesburg, 7 Mar 2012

The number of African people with access to mobile devices will surpass those with access to electricity, says political analyst Daniel Silke.
Tech entrepreneurs should capitalise on the vast investment opportunities that lie in SA and the African continent.

So said Daniel Silke, an independent political analyst, in a keynote address at yesterday's Cisco CxO Forum, hosted in partnership with ITWeb, in Bryanston.’

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Video collaboration reinvents the workplace

Allan BjornstadBy Admire Moyo, ITWeb's portals writer.
Johannesburg, 7 Mar 2012

Video collaboration helps businesses through reduced travel, which saves time and costs, and reduces carbon emissions, says Cisco's Allan Bjornstad.

Video collaboration is reinventing the workplace by allowing people to meet virtually, efficiently and reliably from nearly any point on the globe.

This is according to Allan Bjornstad, director of Emerging Collaboration Partners at Cisco, who was speaking during the Cisco CxO Forum, in Bryanston, yesterday. The executive forum was hosted in partnership with ITWeb.

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