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ITWeb Security Summit 2012

Programme - Wednesday, 16 May: Conference (Day 2)

Conference Day 1 - 15 May Conference Day 2 - 16 May Workshops - 17 May SANS Training - 17 & 18 May
07h30 - 08h30 Arrival and registration
08h30 - 08h40
Welcome address and housekeeping by chair

Chris Gibbons

Anchor of The Mid Day Report on 702
09h00 - 13h30

Plenary session - Where to now?
Having seen the world of IT Security shaken and trusted technologies fail, we need to re-assess the standard approaches, and start finding new solutions to pressing security challenges.



Cyber War - Beyond Theory

Kenneth Geers

Cyber subject matter expert


Banned in the USA

Charlie Miller
Principal research consultant
Accuvant Labs



Where do we go from here? Adapting to modern adversaries

Joshua Corman
Director of Security Intelligence
Security Intelligence
Akamai Technologies:



Zero Day is Every Day

Charles Renert
Vice President
Research & Development at Websense



An overview of the South African governments’ cyber security
policy and strategy

Stella Tembisa Ndabeni
MP and Deputy Minister of Communications
Department of Communications:



HTML5 Unbound: A Security & Privacy Drama

Michael Shema
Director of Engineering

13h30 - 14h30 Lunch
13h30 - 14h00 Performanta Talk and Prize Draw
14h30 - 17h00 Track 1 - Electronic Money (Chair - Craig Rosewarne, ISG)
  Bitcoin exploded into our consciousness last year, this track offers a discussion around current trends, regulatory issues and future prospects for electronic money. It will tackle some key issues raised surrounding e-money, including security and privacy.
14h30 - 17h00 Track 2 - Trust and Identity (Chair - Jon Tullett, Editor: News analysis, ITWeb)
  This track aims to gain a better understanding of digital identity threats and how best to deal with them. It will cover the demise of SSL and what we can use to underpin trust on the internet.
14h30 - 17h00 Track 3 - Security and Politics (Chair - Dominic White, Senior Consultant, SensePost)

As security becomes increasingly politicised, with nation-state directed and sponsored attacks becoming a standard part of our news headlines, we need to understand how this affects us. Our speakers will identify key threats, and reveal connections between cyber security and national policy. Hackers, key threats and mitigation strategies will be examined.


Track 1 - Electronic Money
Chair - Craig Rosewarne, ISG


Cryptography in a World of Digital Currencies

  Jon Matonis, e-money specialist and Managing Director at the Lydia Group

SHA256 vulnerabilities exposed by Bitcoin

  Frans Lategaan, Security researcher at Absa

Developmental Imperatives of Mobile Money and Implications on Security

  Thabiso Moerane, Mobile Commerce Ecosystem Leader at Alcatel Lucent
Security considerations for mobile, using Mxit Gust (Geo-fenced Mobile Payment System) as a case study
Joe Botha, CEO at TrustFabric and Theo van Niekerk, co-founder at ThinkSmart

Track 2 - Trust and Identity
Chair - Jon Tullett, Editor: News Analysis, ITWeb


Advanced Electronic Signatures in South African Business

Maeson Maherry, Solutions Director at LAWtrust

Something Phishy - Old Mutual’s comical approach to understanding digital identity threats and how users should protect themselves

Robb Anderson, Risk Officer at Old Mutual

A view from the continent: Kenya – a case study from the Co-operative Bank of Kenya

  Michael Mbuthia, Head of Information Security at Co-operative Bank of Kenya

The evolution of corporate cybercrime and the nature and scale of the threat it poses

  Mark Eardley, Channel Manager at SuperVision Biometric Security Solutions

Track 3 - Security and Politics

Chair - Dominic White, Senior Consultant, SensePost


Who is watching over SA's cyber security?

  Basie von Solms, International Telecommunications Union (ITU)at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security: National Cyber Security in South Africa

Ghost in the Shell Revisited

  Kenneth Geers, cyber subject matter expert at the NCSI

Understanding Anonymous

  Joshua Corman, Director of Security Intelligence - Akamai Technologies

Hacktivism: A history and what we can learn from Hackers

  Bevan Lane, Director at Infosec Consulting
17h10 - 17h25 Close with Chair / Speaker Panel
Conference Day 1 - 15 May Conference Day 2 - 16 May Workshops - 17 May SANS Training - 17 & 18 May


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Conference Day 1 - 15 May
Conference Day 2 - 16 May
Workshops - 17 May
SANS Training - 17 & 18 May
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Infosec needs an injection of honesty
10 Apr 2012 - Fresh approaches are urgently needed in the IT security space, says Haroon Meer, founder of Thinkst.


Social engineering gets broader target
2 Apr 2012 - The Internet and social media are facilitating wider-ranging social engineering campaigns than ever before, says Raj Samani, VP and CTO of McAfee.
Bitcoin: a mobile money alternative
By Gareth van Zyl, Editor, ITWeb Africa
26 Mar 2012 -
The virtual currency could take off in Africa, just like payment systems such as M-Pesa.
The right to bear (electronic) arms
By Jon Tullett, Editor: News analysis
22 Mar 2012 -
International cyber warfare is a reality today, as governments engage with one another in espionage and sabotage.
Pwn2Own: the real story behind browser hacks
By Jon Tullett, Editor: News analysis
13 Mar 2012 - The annual Pwn2Own competition highlights vulnerabilities in software. How concerned should you really be?
SANS IT security training in SA for the first time
13 Mar 2012 - The globally respected SANS Institute will deliver its IT security professionals' training in South Africa for the first time, when it participates in the annual ITWeb Security Summit, in Sandton, in May.
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Those charged with developing and implementing their organisation's information security programmes, including:
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-Chief security, risk, compliance, process and technology officers
Senior Business Executives whose jobs include enterprise security responsibilities
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