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SANS Training

Conference Day 1 - 15 May Conference Day 2 - 16 May Workshops - 17 May SANS Training - 17 & 18  May

Security 440 - 20 Critical Security Controls: Planning,
Implementing and Auditing

Date: 17 and 18 May
Time: 08h00 - 17h00
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Abstract:This course helps you master specific, proven techniques and tools needed to implement and audit the Top Twenty Most Critical Security Controls. These Top 20 Security Controls, are rapidly becoming accepted as the highest priority list of what must be done and proven before anything else at nearly all serious and sensitive organizations.

These controls were selected and defined by the US military and other government and private organizations (including NSA, DHS, GAO, and many others) who are the most respected experts on how attacks actually work and what can be done to stop them.

They defined these controls as their consensus for the best way to block the known attacks and the best way to help find and mitigate damage from the attacks that get through.

For security professionals, the course enables you to see how to put the controls in place in your existing network though effective and widespread use of cost-effective automation.

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Steve Armstrong, SANS Certified Instructor

Steve ArmstrongSteve started working in the security arena in 1994 whilst serving in the UK Royal Air Force.

He specialized in the technical aspects of IT security from 1997 onward, and before retiring from active duty, he lead the RAF's penetration and TEMPEST testing teams.

He founded Logically Secure in 2006 to provide specialist security advice to government departments, defense contractors, the online video gaming industry, and both music and film labels worldwide.

In addition to contributing to the OSSTMM and authoring the SME targeted Certified Digital Security (CDS) standard and the music and film industry's digital security standards (CDSA), Steve provides wireless penetration testing and incident response services for some of the biggest household names in media.

Delegates attending will receive:
Overview of the Controls
Core Automation and Metrics
Strategic Coverage for Managers
Strategic Coverage for Auditors
Core Checklists
Auditor Checklists
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20 Critical Security Controls: Planning, Implementing and Auditing
Fees exclude VAT Standard  fee
Delegate pass R15,000.00
ISG Africa members qualify for a 10% discount on the registration fee  -  please contact Maggie Pienaar on (011) 807-3294 to reserve your seat.
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SANS Training | 17 - 18 May
Security 440 - 20 Critical Security Controls: Planning, Implementing and Auditing
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Security Summit | 15 - 16 May
Conference Day 1 - 15 May
Conference Day 2 - 16 May
Workshops - 17 May
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The SANS Institute was established in 1989 as a cooperative research and education organization. Its programs now reach more than 165,000 security professionals around the world. A range of individuals from auditors and network administrators, to chief information security officers are sharing the lessons they learn and are jointly finding solutions to the challenges they face. At the heart of SANS are the many security practitioners in varied global organizations from corporations to universities working together to help the entire information security community.

SANS is the most trusted and by far the largest source for information security training and security certification in the world. It also develops, maintains, and makes available at no cost, the largest collection of research documents about various aspects of information security, and it operates the Internet's early warning system - the Internet Storm Center.

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