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Conference Day 1 - 15 May Conference Day 2 - 16 May Workshops - 17 May SANS Training - 17 & 18  May

Security in an era of BYOD

Date: 17 May 2012
Time: 08h00 - 17h00
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Mobile devices have achieved computing and networking capabilities equivalent to traditional PC’s. Further, the consumerization of these devices in the workplace has become a source of pain for the enterprise. For example, the wide-spread presence of information-stealing applications raises substantial security and privacy concerns, especially in highly regulated environments. Then, corporate enterprises find themselves supporting multiple operating systems and devices, which have both advantages and disadvantages with respect to offered security.

On one hand, they use application sandboxing to contain exploits and limit privileges given to malware. On the other hand, they collect and organize many forms of security and privacy sensitive information simply as a matter of operation, and make that information easily accessible to downloaded third-party applications.

Recognising smartphone security and privacy as the emerging area, this workshop affords an opportunity to work on real-life scenarios providing hands on learning in the following areas:

Threat models and attack scenarios – examine the current threat landscape and discussing real security and privacy incidents involving mobile devices
Rogue mobile application detection and recovery – interactive exercise to determine what network operators and enterprises are doing to protect customers and employees and identify the gaps
Presentation on enterprise-ready security solutions for devices created primarily for the consumer market
Smartphone-centric regulatory compliance issues and mechanisms
Security enforcement via data service provider
Mutual threats between smartphones and social networks

This workshop assumes a highly interactive environment with many hands-on exercises. Participants are encouraged to bring their mobile devices.

Presenters - Dan Crisp and Lynn Terwoerds

Dan Crisp

Dan Crisp, joined BNY Mellon in July 2011 as Head of IRM EMEA, and also recently assumed the role of Global Chief Information Security Officer. His experience spans across revenue generating initiatives, process re-engineering efficiency initiatives, risk and control programmes. He has successfully delivered over 40 International Mergers and Acquisition integration programmes.

Before joining BNY Mellon, Dan was the Chief Operations Officer for Barclays for the Global Information Security in London for 5 years where he built the security transformation portfolio from the ground up.

He has more than twenty years of experience managing global teams who have provided client relationship, transactional systems, process engineering, mergers & acquisitions and strategic planning for financial institutions in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. In addition to this, he has provided industry senior leadership in Risk Management and Portfolio Management.

Dan has led teams at several of the world’s largest financial institutions including Citigroup, Providian, National City, Barclays, HSBC, Washington Mutual, and Ford.

Dan is a charter member of the Cloud Security Alliance metrics group and has been recognised for his focus on developing predictive quantitative risk models that drive information security investment decisions. He has presented at Microsoft Executive forums in Redmond, Gartner-Europe in Prague, Black Hat Briefings in Las Vegas, CSA Congress in Orlando, RSA-Europe in London, Duke University (USA) and IT Web Summit (SA). Dan received his BS at the University of Memphis (USA), and SAPM at Stanford University (USA) and currently resides in London.

Lynn Terwoerds has more than 20 years’ experience in information systems, over half of which has been in information security. She has worked both as a practitioner and a vendor – She is head of risk and information security for Oracle’s Health Sciences Global Business Unit and formerly was 10 years at Microsoft corporate headquarters in security response, then critical infrastructure protection as a security strategist, and a director of software compliance.

She was also was Head of Security Architecture, Standards and Infrastructure Engineering for Barclays Bank. Her previous experience includes working as a solution integrator and consultant to large corporations.

Lynn is a founding member of the Cloud Security Alliance and chairs the cloud metrics working group. She holds a CISSP and MA from the University of Missouri-Columbia.


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Conference Day 1 - 15 May
Conference Day 2 - 16 May
Workshops - 17 May
Workshop A - Security in an era of BYOD
Workshop B - An Introduction to Cyber Forensics
SANS Training - 17 & 18 May
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