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CA IT Management Symposium in the news
Mainframes thrive in cloud and mobile era
7 Sep 2012 - The mainframe is more important than ever, but suffering from a skills drought, says CA Technologies.
Only the fast will survive
6 Sep 2012 - The quicker a business gets technology out to market, the more competitive edge it gets, says analyst.
Service virtualisation awareness needed
6 Sep 2012 - Once businesses realise the benefits of service virtualisation, they will never look back, says CA Technologies.
Innovations disrupt established markets
 5 Sep 2012 - The power of technology to transform a business is being increasingly recognised, says CA Technologies.
CA hosts second IT symposium in Africa
5 Sep 2012 - The conference focused on the challenges most CIOs and IT professionals are facing today.



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Please note, this event is aimed at decision makers and all levels of management, particularly CSOs and senior management, as well as people in senior technical positions. Confirmation of attendance is conditional to approval by CA Southern Africa who are bringing you the IT Management Symposium Africa in partnership with ITWeb.

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CA Southern Africa is the sole representative of CA, one of the world's leading global information technology (IT) management software companies. We help companies manage IT in all environments — mainframe, distributed, virtualized and cloud — to become more productive and better compete, innovate and grow their businesses.

New application monitoring models needed
30 Aug 2012 - Back when IT was the 'plumbing' of the business, traditional application monitoring was enough. But in a dramatically changing new environment, a fresh model for application monitoring becomes critically important.
Banking fraud: knowledge is power
21 Aug 2012 - With known global fraud topping billions of dollars, having a real-time view of risk patterns and threats, as well as a collaborative approach to combating these threats, is key to effectively mitigating fraud in the financial sector.
Assuring IT service delivery
21 Aug 2012 - With users making ever-increasing demands on the level of service IT is able to deliver, the model used for service delivery has to change, says Carl Lloyd, business lead, service assurance, at CA Technologies.
All set for Africa's version of CA World
14 Aug 2012 - This year's event will deliver more insights, tracks, demos and entertainment, says CA Southern Africa.
Shrinking security perimeters
6 Aug 2012 - Social media, mobility and BYOD raise a series of new concerns for IT security professionals, says CA Technologies.
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Ugan NaidooIn this three-part series , Ugan Naidoo, head of security at CA Southern Africa, considers the security issues when outsourcing to the cloud.
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