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ITWeb Social Media Summit 2012 in the news

Getting business value from social media
  17 Aug 2012 - Companies can benefit from social media if they learn to leverage these networks and maximise data gained from them, say experts.
From e-commerce to social commerce
  17 Aug 2012 - Social commerce is set to soar, giving marketers easy access to consumers, says Norton Rose.
Social media: Do it properly or not at all
  16 Aug 2012 - Companies must be ready for social media before they engage on these platforms, says Nikki Cockcroft.
Drowning out the noise with niche marketing
  16 Aug 2012 - Niche online communities give marketers access to people with specific interests, says Quirk.
Getting co-creation right
  15 Aug 2012 - Sincerity and transparency are key, as businesses start to co-create content with users, says Native.
Making social media human
  15 Aug 2012 - Brands that engage with customers online must remember they are talking to people, says Cerebra.
Business must join the social conversation
  14 Aug 2012 - Customers are going to talk about brands on social media networks, regardless of whether business participates, says DDMA
What happens in Vegas, stays on FB
  14 Aug 2012 - In a world where people share everything on an Internet that never forgets, understanding privacy is crucial, says Andy Hadfield.
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ITWeb Events: The Social Media Summit 2012
ITWeb welcomes delegates and industry professionals to the Social Media Summit on 14-16 August at The Forum, Bryanston.

In the news:
Nerushka DeosaranSocial media to shape future laws
6 Aug 2012 - Social media and the way people transact and interact online in general will likely result in shaping future laws.
Roan MackintoshShould marketing manage the IT budget?
3 Aug 2012 - Digital marketing is changing the demands made on the IT department, and presents a good case for the marketing department to have a say in the technology budget.
Andy HadfieldUtility key to social strategy
2 Aug 2012 - Andy Hadfield shares his views on doing business in the social media age.
David GrahamGetting B2B social media right
26 Jul 2012 - Deloitte SA's digital channels executive, David Graham, is well-known locally as someone who's getting business-to-business (B2B) social media right.
Scott GrayNiche is the new mainstream
17 Jul 2012 - The rampant spread of social media means successful marketers will have to tailor their messages to suit multiple interest groups in future.
Walter PikeTwinterview: Walter Pike on social media in business
2 Jul 2012 - The marketing consultant speaks to ITWeb about the mistakes businesses are making when tackling social media.
FNB talks social media
15 Jun 2012 - The bank's Lana Strydom explains how social media can be used to build sustainable relationships with customers.

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