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Cloud passes hype peak
20 Jul 2012 - It's no longer a matter of whether to use cloud, but what to put into the cloud first, say experts.

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Virtualisation supports intelligent businesses
19 Jul 2012 - Businesses need universal and instant access to data in order to solve problems and report back faster, says Dataways.
Cloud gives start-ups the edge
19 Jul 2012 - CIOs regard start-ups as their greatest threat, as they are able to deploy new business models rapidly, says Cybernest.
Collaboration will drive cloud computing
17 Jul 2012 - Cloud computing was initially driven by a need to reduce cost, whereas today, the growth of cloud computing is being driven by a need for flexibility and agility.
Cloud gaining traction with call centres
18 Jul 2012 - Hosted call centres will flourish as local cloud adoption enters the development phase of the market cycle, says analyst.
Cloud needs regulation
18 Jul 2012 - Cloud services are not regulated in SA, but the Protection of Personal Information Bill will change this, says Werksmans Attorneys.


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Planning keeps cloud afloat
11 Jul 2012 - Any organisation wanting to implement a virtualisation or cloud solution first needs to define a clear strategy and engage in careful planning.
Cloud set to revolutionise business
5 Jul 2012 - The transformative value of the cloud lies way beyond its impact on IT – it lies in how one combines its parts to create a new solution to revolutionise business.
'Africanised' cloud needed
5 Jul 2012 - Cloud computing needs to take local realities into account to deliver on its potential in SA, says eBucks.
Cloud perceptions hamper adoption
3 July 2012 – Companies fear cloud computing puts their data and control at risk, but this isn't the case, says Fujitsu.
Stepping stones to the cloud
29 June 2012 - Organisations need to ask questions relevant to their business before deploying a cloud solution, says Tiger Brands' Darryl Thwaits.
Data virtualisation – the next hype?
22 Jun 2012 - Data virtualisation is not an option, but an essential part of business, says Dataways.
Demystifying CRM in the cloud
21 Jun 2012 - BankservAfrica highlights the benefits of moving from a physical, on-premise CRM solution to a virtualised one.
Why entering the cloud makes sense
14 Jun 2012 - Lower costs, easier deployment and the need for flexibility compel organisations to adopt cloud solutions, says Frost & Sullivan.