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[Networking Infrastructure Survey]

About the survey

The IT strategy of an organisation provides an essential link between the business objectives and the way in which IT prioritises investments and organises itself to enable them. Emerging IT trends and technologies also represent a significant opportunity for businesses to implement new IT-enabled products and services as well as lower the input costs of doing business.

As a result, Accenture in partnership with ITWeb is conducted a survey to find out:

  1)  What the core strategic focus areas of business and IT are in the current economic climate.
  2)  To what extent organisations are adopting new IT models such as offshoring and cloud.
  3)  How IT security is viewed in organisations and what plans are in place to address security concerns.
  4)  How data is viewed and whether organisations are in a position to extract the full strategic value of this asset.

The 2012 IT Strategy Survey was run online on ITWeb for a period of two weeks, from 26 March to 8 April.