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AGENDA - 14 AUGUST Cut through the buzz!
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Conference Day 1 - 14 August Conference Day 2 - 15 August Workshop - 16 August
08h00 - 09h00 Arrival and registration
09h00 - 09h15 Welcome address by our Chair: Suzanne Little, Head of Marketing: DMMA
09h15 - 09h55
Andy Hadfield
Future kids, future customers
Andy Hadfield, digital native and founder at Real Time Wine, and
co-founder at Mzansi Gold
  and speaker on the intersection of business and digital.
  • An in-depth examination of how our culture is affected by the technology around us, and the social and market changes this technology is causing
  • This eye-opening talk will motivate delegates to:
  • re-look at their business models
  • re-examine their customer service strategies
  • re-invent their products
  • re-convene their strategy team

09h55 - 10h35
Lana Strjdom
Building sustainable relationships with your customer base -
an FNB case study
Lana Strjdom, head of Digital Marketing at FNB: Social media and business
  • An overview of banks and social media – what are banks doing?
  • A profile of customers today – who are they and what do they expect?
  • An assessment of social media principles
  • A case study with FNB and Social Media – how so we do it?
  • A look at social commerce – the future of social media
10h35 - 11h05 Tea Break
11h05 - 11h45
Jarred Cinman
Devolution, how your customer is becoming your
branding agency
Jarred Cinman, chief inventor, Native
  • A look at how the world of advertising has shifted from communication to conversations, from broadcast media to participation platforms
  • Understanding how this affects brands, and what marketers must do to succeed in a world where ownership of brands has moved from businesses to their customers
  • An explanation of how marketers need to ‘devolve’, and what that entails
  • How to guide and participate in the stream of conversation about your brands
  • Ways to collaborate with your audience and give meaning to your brand
  • Insights into this new marketing paradigm
  • A look at some exciting case studies, and how marketers can take advantage and win

11h45 - 12h25
Mel Attree
Putting human behaviour back into social media
Melissa Attree, Business Development Manager, Cerebra
  • Putting the social into media
    • We're only human
    • Is that your real voice? The importance of brand personality.
    • Look who's talking, who should speak for you?
    • Ok we're having a conversation, now what?

12h25 - 13h05
Zibusiso Mkhwanazi
The art of content marketing, with a focus on LinkedIn
Zibusiso Mkhwanazi, CEO at Avatar Digital

13h05 - 14h05 Lunch
14h05 - 14h45 Panel discussion: Allowing social media within your organisation, versus restricting or banning it
Walter Pike, Founder of both PiKE New Marketing and The Digital Academy
Andrew McHenry, Council Member at Mobile Monday Johannesburg
Andy Hadfield, digital native and founder at Real Time Wine, and co-founder at Mzansi Gold  and speaker on the intersection of business and digital
14h45 - 15h25
Craig Rodney
Social media and the Not-Campaign - Exploring how social media can be used to make brands engaging and interesting in between marketing campaigns
Craig Rodney, MD, Cerebra
  • Understand why interruption based advertising is causing brand damage
  • Looking at content as an advertising delivery vehicle
  • A discussion on pay-walling your advertising
  • How to build communities, and how to recognise the power of engaged communities
15h25 - 15h55 Tea
15h55 - 16h35
Paul Jacobson
When business goes social, what about the legal risks?
Paul Jacobson, director, WebTechLaw
  • Businesses getting social with each other in a legal world
  • Structuring social business relationships and protecting sensitive information
  • Vendors, staff and the crazy things they say online
  • Protecting your business' reputation a little better
16h35 - 17h15
Suzanne Little
Utilising social CRM and building a social business
Suzanne Little, Head of Social Media at Quirk, and Head of Marketing: DMMA
17h15 Cocktails and lucky draws
Conference Day 1 - 14 August Conference Day 2 - 15 August Workshop - 16 August


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