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[Storage Survey]

Key Findings

• The most popular database technology in organisations is Microsoft SQL, selected by 76% of the respondents. This was distantly followed by Oracle (39.33%), MySQL (27.33%) and IBM (15.33%), among others.

• The majority of organisations (33.33%) have less than six database servers deployed in their organisations, while 21.33% have 11 to 50 database servers, and 15.33% have six to 10.

 A total of 47.22% of respondents believe outsourcing database administration and management is not a viable option, while 37.5% said it was.

 Most organisations (43.75%) believe obtaining outsourced expert database skills is a viable option, compared to 38.89% who say it's not, and 17.36% who were unsure.

 It emerged that the database environment is critical to the day-to-day operations of these businesses, as cited by 88.67% of respondents. Only 8% said otherwise, while 3.33% were unsure.

 Some 54.86% of respondents have access to an unbiased, trusted partner or advisor in respect of their databases and data strategies. Meanwhile, 22.92% do not have access to such a partner or advisor.

 The majority of organisations (75.33%) believe their data is secure. Some 70.67% said they know where their crucial data resides, with 62% saying they know who is accessing their data. Some 61.33% noted that they know what is happening to their data.

 A total of 64.67% of respondents say that their organisation has not lost critical data or experienced substantial downtime or revenue loss due to a database system failure, while over a quarter (25.33%) have been affected.

 It was also discovered that 43.33% of organisations believe the new personal data privacy and data security legislations are going to affect their organisations going forward. However, 22% said the coming laws will not affect them, while the remainder were unsure.

• Most organisations (83.33%) have database disaster recovery strategies in place, the survey also discovered. Only 12% do not. 

• According to the survey, 68.67% of organisations have a database archiving strategy and system in place, while 23.33% do not.