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Conference Day 1 - 26 Feb Conference Day 2 - 27 Feb Workshop - 28 Feb
 International keynote speaker:

Tom Fastner, senior member of technical staff and architect, eBay

In this role, Tom Fastner works on the architecture of the analytical platforms and related tools. Currently, he spends most of his time driving innovation to process big data, the singularity system. Before Fastner joined eBay, he was with NCR/Teradata for 11 years. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from the Technical University of Munich, Germany, is a Teradata Certified Master, and serves on the Teradata Product Advisory Council.


Thomas Fastner
Day 1 - 26 Feb

Gary Allemann, managing director, Master Data Management
Kim Andersen, principal advisor, CXO Advisor
Mark Bannerman, country manager, MicroStrategy SA
Dr Barry Devlin, founder & principal, 9sight
Bill Hoggarth, director, Dataways
Dr. Rado Kotorov, chief innovation officer, Information Builders
Bhavesh Lala, managing director, Sambe Consulting
Kevin Lancaster, technology director, Big Data & Business Analytics, EMEA Engineered Systems at Oracle
Chester Liu, director, Platform Product Marketing, QlikTech
Robin Meisel, business line executive, BiA
Philip Mostert, managing director, saidWot
Dr Arulsivanathan Naidoo, executive manager: stakeholders relations and marketing, Statistics SA
Bernard Odendaal, chief executive officer, the Fact Foundry
Martin Rennhackkamp, chief information officer of PBT Group
Dr Hanlie Smuts, general manager: customer experience integration and inablement, MTN SA
Michael Spanoudes, senior industry consultant, analytics and data warehousing, Teradata-EMEA
Justin Spratt, chief executive officer, Quirk Agency Group
Mark Stacey, founder, Pragmatic Works South Africa
Gill Staniland, BI principal consultant, Synergy
Mark Torr, director, SAS Technology Practice in the Centre of Excellence for IM & Analytics
Cor Winckler, founder, technical director, PBT Group

Gary Allemann, managing director, Master Data Management

One thing that Gary Allemann has learnt during his 21 years in the IT industry is that poor information quality has numerous financial impacts on business. In 2004, after stints with First National Bank and Dimension Data’s Siebel business unit, Allemann formed Master Data Management to address the need to unlock the latent value of information assets. MDM has provided solutions for data governance, data quality and master data management to a range of clients in financial services, government, mining and telecommunications.

Kim Andersen, principal advisor, CXO Advisor

Kim Andersen is an expert in cloud enablement, specifically what business models and market dynamics are necessary to succeed in the deployment and use of cloud services.

His focus is on the vendor market in terms of the transformation needed to exploit the changing landscape in IT and build a new ecosystem for cloud enablement.

This requires clear market positioning and strategy for:

Enterprise mobility The consumerisation of IT and BYOD trends
Cloud-based applications versus traditional services Cloud governance
Integration between cloud and traditional IT
Kim Anderson

Mark Bannerman, country manager, MicroStrategy SA

Mark Bannerman is SA country manager for MicroStrategy. Bannerman is a veteran in the IT industry, with over 17 years’ experience. During this time, he has worked in a number of roles spanning services director, sales director, and most recently country MD.

Bannerman’s focus areas have been around ERP, CRM and service desk applications, and most recently business intelligence. He is skilled in enterprise sales, as well as the management and growth of software and consulting organisations.

In his free time, he enjoys the sport of show jumping, as well as spending quality time with his family.


Business intelligence, enterprise sales cycles, sales management


  Dr Barry Devlin, founder and principal, 9sight

Dr Barry Devlin is a founder of the data warehousing industry and among the foremost authorities worldwide on business intelligence (BI) and beyond. He is a widely respected consultant, lecturer and author of Data Warehouse – from Architecture to Implementation. Devlin has 30 years of experience in the IT industry, previously with IBM, as an architect, consultant, manager and software evangelist. As founder and principal of 9sight Consulting,
he provides strategic consulting and thought leadership to buyers and vendors of BI solutions. He is currently developing a new architectural model for fully consistent business support
(from informational to operational and collaborative) – Business Integrated Insight (BI2).
He has recently relocated to Cape Town, from where he works locally and internationally.


Dr Barry Devlin

Bill Hoggarth, director, Dataways

Prior to moving to South Africa, Bill Hoggarth spent 13 years in Europe, Africa, the UK and the Middle East in pursuit of his career in IT sales, business development and general management. From 1993, he was based in Paris, France, and he has also lived and worked in Italy, Holland and in his homeland of the UK.

Hoggarth settled in South Africa in 1996, where he now lives with his South African wife Jenny, and two daughters, Christine (22) and Robyn (20).

Hoggarth graduated in 1983 from Exeter University in England with a BSc in Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, and lists his hobbies as his family, travel, the African bush, wildlife photography and sports. From 2001-2004 he served as a director of Special Olympics South Africa.

Hoggarth is currently director at Dataways. His specialities include:

Executive leadership Strategic planning
Start-up and new-market penetration Innovation
Sales mentorship Public speaking
Partner and alliance strategy and management    


Dr. Rado Kotorov, Dr. Rado Kotorov, chief innovation officer, Information Builders

Dr Rado Kotorov is chief innovation officer and VP Product Marketing at Information Builders, and is responsible for emerging reporting, analytic and visualisation technologies. Prior to joining Information Builders, he managed the implementation of BI solutions and decision-support systems, data warehouses, and customer applications. He has developed analytic models and applications for the pharmaceutical, retail, CPG, financial, and automotive industries. Kotorov has a PhD in decision and game theory and economics from Bowling Green State University. He has published on business processes, emerging technologies, CRM, KM, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Bhavesh Lala, managing director, Sambe Consulting

Bhavesh Lala is the MD of Sambe Consulting. Sambe Consulting is a business intelligence (BI) and SharePoint solution provider with specialisation in solution architecture, business analysis, data warehouse and cube development, testing and project management. The company services clients from various industries, including banking, healthcare, telecommunications, utilities and mining. Lala has been in the BI industry for over 10 years and has successfully implemented a diverse range of solutions across multiple industries. The BI technology platforms include Microsoft, IBM Cognos, SAP Business Objects, Informatica, Qlikview and Microstrategy.


Kevin Lancaster, technology director, Big Data & Business Analytics, EMEA Engineered Systems at Oracle

Kevin Lancaster has been working in the IT business for 25 years, both as an end-customer and representing IT vendors in roles spanning consulting, solution architecture, pre- and post-sales and business development, primarily in business intelligence, data warehousing and analytics. An Oracle veteran for 15 years, Lancaster was part of the team that introduced the Oracle Exadata Database Machine into the European market in 2008, and he is now director for Big Data and Business Analytics in Oracle's enlarged and fast-growing Engineered Systems business in Europe, Middle East & Africa.

Lancaster is a Business Graduate, living in the south of England in the UK, but working with Oracle customers and partners all over the EMEA region and beyond. He is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars on the subject of big data and business analytics, and Oracle's strategic Engineered Systems product line.


Chester Liu, director, platform product marketing, QlikTech

Chester Liu has been making sense of data, often big data, for over 20 years.  He has an enduring passion for storytelling with data and communicating massive amounts of data in a simple, relevant way.  He holds a PhD from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he ran large-scale simulations in the field of computational polymer physics.  At Weather Services International, he patented a novel method of visualizing the output of weather forecasting supercomputers, making weather forecasts easy to understand for the television audience.  More recently at RSA, the Security Division of EMC, he helped bring to market a security management solution that helps security analysts make use of the mountain of security data arriving in real time.  Now at QlikTech, he is showing how the revolutionary associative experience of QlikView makes data-driven decision-making accessible to everyone, everywhere.


Robin Meisel, business line executive, BiA

Robin Meisel has an honours degree in Strategic Management obtained from the University of Johannesburg, formerly known as the Rand Afrikaans University. He has extensive experience in the financial services industry and has been actively involved in various business intelligence functions for more than a decade. Of late, Meisel has applied his mind in the building of linguistic analysis engines that provide strategic insight into big data as well as social media data.

In early 2013, Meisel joined RGT SMART, a big data organisation, with the objective to capitalise on various data streams and to enhance insight for current and future RGT SMART clients. RGT SMART Market Intelligence, a JSE-listed entity, is the provider of various online analytical products to the motor industry and the sole independent source of new vehicle sales, pricing and specification data to the South African motor industry. RGT Smart also specialises in market research, providing high value market intelligence, market insight and service quality management systems.


Philip Mostert, managing director, saidWot

Philip Mostert has worked as a digital marketing consultant for the past several years, gaining experience across various industries including travel and tourism, finance, publishing, and entertainment. He joined saidWot, an online reputation management company, as MD in October 2012, and has been instrumental in defining the company’s multipronged strategy.

Mostert believes the time is ideal to further evolve online reputation management into a formidable business intelligence tool, with the focus on being relevant and responsive to the local and regional markets.


Dr Arulsivanathan Naidoo, executive manager: stakeholders relations and marketing, Statistics South Africa

Dr Arulsivanathan Naidoo was born in Durban and attended the then University of Durban Westville and obtained: B Com, B Com (Hons) and M Com degrees. He then completed a D Com in statistics at the University of Pretoria, became a university lecturer in the late 1970’s and was the university planner for University of Durban Westville and Rhodes University. He then continued his lecturing career at the universities of Fort Hare, Zululand (Durban-Umlazi branch) and Durban Westville.

Dr Naidoo then moved to SAS Institute as a senior consultant in statistics and data mining and has presented over 40 different SAS courses in programming, statistics, time series and data mining. The training delegates included: SARS, Stats SA , University of Pretoria, University of Free State, UNISA, CSIR, Old Mutual, Momentum, ABSA, FNB, Standard, Nedbank, Barclays, HSBC in Dubai, Saudi bank, Arab bank, Zain in Kuwait, MTN, Cell C, de beers, Blood blank, centre for disease control in Uganda and Tanzania.

At present he is Executive Manager for Stakeholder Relations and Marketing at Statistics South Africa and is attending the M Phil in urban and regional planning at Stellenbosch University. This course integrates statistics, geography and urban planning into one discipline, with special focus on GIS and spatial statistics. This masters program is designed to assist the planning commission.

Arulsivanathan is married and has three children and two grandsons.

Bernard Odendaal, chief executive officer, the Fact Foundry

Bernard Odendaal holds a Master of Security Studies from the University of Pretoria, and has worked in several decision-support environments. Recent work experience involved working for the Defence Decision Support Institute, part of Armscor Defence Institutes, in the capacity of defence analyst.

Odendaal consulted to the Department of Defence and South African National Defence Force (SANDF) on various topics. Among these is the SANDF social media policy (Directorate Corporate Communications) and also work in the Command and Control environments of the SANDF (JOps Division and CMIS). Previously, Odendaal worked for Competitive Intelligence and Business Insight (CBIA), a competitive intelligence consultancy that provided both consulting and training services to over a 150 companies and government institutions.


Martin Rennhackkamp, chief information officer of PBT Group

Martin Rennhackkamp is an actively practising information specialist. He focuses on business intelligence strategy, technical – and information – architectures and business intelligence analysis, design and implementation. With more than 60 international publications, Rennhackkamp is an internationally recognised author and speaker. He has published a textbook, was a contributing editor to DBMS Magazine for three years and has written feature articles for various international IT journals. He regularly presents papers at local and international conferences. He is a member of the Computer Society of South Africa and an alumni member of The Data Warehousing Institute.


Dr Hanlie Smuts, general manager: customer experience integration and enablement, MTN SA

Hanlie Smuts joined MTN in 1994 at start-up, and has held different roles in the organisation, varying from heading up the programme office consisting of business analysis, project management, data analysis and training, to a four-year tenure as head of Learning and Organisational Development in Human Resources.

During a two-year sabbatical after 10 years at MTN, she subcontracted to several organisations focusing on reward and recognition, EE and BBBEE audit, performance consulting, organisational design and skills development consulting. Her current role is GM: Customer Experience Integration and Enablement, reporting to the CEO of MTN SA. This role fundamentally aims to place the customer at the centre of everything the company does, offering a uniquely differentiated customer experience across the entire customer base.

An added focus of the role is continuous business performance improvement through operating model optimisation, supported by behavioural change management. Smuts is actively involved in developing young leaders in the organisation and community and promotes leadership skills through coaching and mentoring. Her research interest is in the knowledge management field, and she has completed a PhD study designing a knowledge framework for IS outsourcing arrangements.


Michael Spanoudes, senior industry consultant, analytics and data warehousing, Teradata-EMEA

Michael Spanoudes is an analytics and data warehousing business consultant, mostly in the financial industry, but also in telcos, transportation, healthcare and government. He has 18 years’ experience in this field, including dozens of consulting engagements with customers in Southern, Eastern Europe and MEA areas. In his engagements, he has always leveraged “best practice” consulting experience captured by Teradata Corp and made available internally to all its business consultants.

State-of-the-art applications of data-intensive analytics fall into Spanoudes’ wide spectrum of expertise, including CRM (both analytical and operational CRM), customer value measurement (profitability) – as part of enterprise performance management (EPM), Basel-II and RAROC deployment – as part of enterprise risk management (ERM).

Spanoudes’ specialisation is in showing the critical role the EDW plays in creating a single well-managed and trusted data foundation, to support multiple areas like CRM, ERM, EPM and its repercussions of enabling analytic flexibility, high performance, transparency, auditability and avoidance of huge data redundancies. Moreover, he specialises in consulting around the data governance and stewardship initiatives that need to be established by the business, with support from IT, to ensure that enterprise data management aspects like data quality, integration rules, metadata and master data management are well stewarded in an ongoing manner, and that they do not degrade over time.

Lastly, he has conducted a number of maturity assessments in financial and government organisations to assess how advanced/mature their various people, processes and technologies have been over the years, around their ‘in-house’ data warehouse initiative (or sometimes, not the whole DW, but specific areas of analytics like CRM). His academic experiences include earning a first class Honours BSc (Eng) Electrical Engineering degree, which he earned in 1981 from Imperial College, University of London.

Justin Spratt, chief executive officer, Quirk Agency Group

Justin Spratt is responsible for managing the Quirk Agencies in Johannesburg, Cape Town and London, which have a headcount of almost 250 people.

Spratt has a strong technical background, having run the mobile and wireless businesses at Internet Solutions (a Dimension Data company) and leading many of the marketing efforts in the business. Prior to Internet Solutions, Spratt worked for investment bank Morgan Stanley London, in fixed income trading.

Spratt has degrees in economics and finance, obtaining his honours and later an MBA from Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS). Spratt writes on and lectures macro-economics and entrepreneurship.

He co-founded Web start-up incubator IS Labs ( and not-for-profit GeekRetreat (, aimed at giving back to the community through technology.

Spratt also sits on the not-for-profit Silicon Cape ( board aimed at drawing foreign investment into the technology start-up scene in South Africa.


Mark Stacey, founder, Pragmatic Works South Africa

Mark Stacey founded Pragmatic Works South Africa, and in this company he works tirelessly to enable businesses to derive value from their BI technology.
He loves sharing the knowledge and techniques to do so, and is an international educator and author of multiple books in the BI space. He has founded user groups in Johannesburg and Nairobi, and works with the communities of many other cities to grow the community skills base.

Gill Staniland, BI principal consultant, Synergy

Gill Staniland has been tinkering with data for almost 30 years. From the early days of punch cards and scaling mountains as a land surveyor, she has earned her stripes as a software developer, data warehouse designer, data modeller and Cognos consultant. She now consults on a wide range of BI topics, including business analysis, information architecture, strategy, process, visualisation and BI job design. Staniland believes BI is essential to any successful business, and needs to be tackled in a pragmatic, imaginative yet business-relevant way.
Gill Staniland

  Mark Torr, director, SAS Technology Practice in the Centre of Excellence for IM & Analytics

As director of SAS Technology Practice in the Centre of Excellence for IM & Analytics, Mark Torr leads a distributed team of domain experts in the fields of data management, analytics, reporting and architecture. Torr supports customers in multiple industries, frequently meeting with C-level enterprise architects and SAS users at customer sites, with a special emphasis over the past three to four years on the effects and opportunities of big data. Torr speaks on a wide variety of topics at SAS and external conferences, as well as hosting keynote technology sessions at regional and global user forums, to unveil SAS’s latest innovations. Torr is a TOGAF certified enterprise architect with nearly 20 years’ IT experience.

Mark Torr

  Cor Winckler, technical director, PBT Group

Cor Winckler is a database and business intelligence (BI) specialist. He was a senior consultant for The Data Base Approach from 1991 to 1999. When the Data Base Approach became PBT in 1999, Winckler was appointed as technical director. He actively takes part in many new developments and initiatives, where he is involved in various projects, as well as consulting on and leading various BI and mobile computing projects. Winckler also assists in the formulation of responses to tenders and in pre-sales and marketing technical presentations.


Cor Winckler



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