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[Unified Communications Survey]

Key findings

  • An overwhelming majority of the survey respondents (68.04%) cited that they are clear on the business benefits of unified communications, only 11.34% said that they were not and 20.62% were unsure.
  • 22.68% of organisations stated that more than 50% or their workforce work from home either during or after business hours, while 37.11% said that the amount was between 10% and 20% of their workforce.
  • When asked to define their organisations extent of adoption of unified communications 31.96% stated it was extensive, 24.74% said it was limited and 22.68% had only just started.
  • According to the survey timescales for the deployment of unified communications varied, with 34.02% having no plans yet, 30.93% having already deployed and 13.4% stated within the next 12 months.
  • A large percentage of respondents (63.44%) stated that their organisation believed that cloud based unified communications services were an option.
  • It also emerged that 54.84% of organisations responded that they do see the procurement of unified communications as a capital expense, only 12.9% did not and 32.26% remained unsure.
  • Again, a large amount (46.24%) of respondents agreed that hosted voice services will be more cost effective than a similar premise based services for their organisation.