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On the evening of Wednesday 8th May Symantec ran our first Cyber Readiness Challenge in Emerging, hosted at the ITWeb Security Summit 2013 in Johannesburg.


21 gamers from all skill levels, from students to software engineers, participated from a range of Enterprise and Commercial Customers, including Standard Bank, Metropolitan Health, Transnet, CSIR, KPMG, Total Coal, Netcare and Accenture amongst others.

There were 3 levels with a total of 19 flags  
Level 1 had 10 flags
Level 2 had 4 flags (3 of level 2 flags were guarded by CSP)
Level 3 had 5 flags
Participants didn’t have to capture all of the flags in a level to move to the next level

The excitement in the room was palpable and once the team had all participants set up and logged in they got the hang of things and the competition really hotted up, with first place being fiercely contested right until the dying moments of the game.

The winner of the Challenge qualified to compete in the finals being held at Symantec Vision in Nice, France at the end 2013.
1st Place
Walter Leibbrandt from CSIR with 4,400 points
2nd Place
Ignus Swart from CSIR with 4,025 points
3rd Place
Nathan Desfontaine from KPM with 3,100 points
Spot Prizes
Nitimia Pednekar (Accenture),
Louis Botha (CSIR),
Rob Anderson & Jason Gottschalk (both KPGM) and Walter Leibbrandt (CSIR)
All flags (the table below shows how many times each flag was captured)
Flag Name Level Capture Difficulty Max Points
1 Flag 1 1 14 Easy 300
2 Flag 2 1 14 Medium 500
3 Flag 3 1 10 Hard 1000
4 Flag 4 1 8   Medium 500
5 Flag 5 1 8   Easy 300
6 Flag 6 1 8   Medium 500
7 Flag 7 1 2   Hard 1000
8 Flag 8 1 2   Easy 300
Max Points         4,4000


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ITWeb Security Summit: 7-8 May

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