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Theo Bensch, managing executive, Telkom Business IT & Cloud Solutions
Nico Coetzee, security specialist, FirstRand Bank
Francis Cronjé, Founder & MD,
Brett Dunn, team lead, Enterprise System Engineers, EMC Southern Africa
Mark Gillon, business development manager, Altech ISIS
Kenny Inggs, CTO & co-founder, 22seven
Gareth Jane, Windows Azure platform strategy advisor, Microsoft South Africa
Ian Jansen van Rensburg, systems engineering manager, VMware Southern Africa
Sean Maritz, IT strategy and architecture manager,Eskom
Grant Morgan, GM for cloud, Dimension Data
Tony Olivier, managing director, Performanta Consulting at Performanta Technologies
Rudie Raath, chief technologist, HP South Africa
Frank Rizzo, technology sector leader, KPMG
Warren Small, executive direct: business development, solution innovation, Britehouse vPS
Brian Timperley, managing director & co-founder, Turrito Networks (Pty) Ltd
Richard Vester, director - cloud services, EOH
Sean Wainer, country manager-Africa, Citrix Systems South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Len Weincier, CEO, CloudAfrica

Theo Bensch, managing executive, Telkom Cybernest
A telco go to market case study
In 2000, Theo joined a Premier IBM Business Partner until he founded his first IT Business in 2003. Since then, Theo has had many ICT project engagements with various industry verticals, with specific focus in the Banking and Financial services sector, fixed line Telecommunications Providers and Mobile Telecommunication Providers.

Theo joined Telkom in 2011 as Executive Sales for the Telkom Cloud and IT Solutions business and his primary objective was to build a Cloud and IT customer engagement team to support Telkom Business in their various customer portfolios. Theo currently fulfills the position of Action Managing Executive Telkom Business IT and Cloud Solutions and he is accountable to ensure the development, implementation and maintenance of comprehensive business operations, strategy and a sound business plan for Telkom Business IT and Cloud, as well as the definition and execution of a Sales Strategy and revenue objectives. Responsible for ensuring the positioning of the Telkom IT and Cloud capabilities with primary customers and the application of governance measures, sound business and people management practices and synergy and coordination across all portfolios and sections in the Telkom Business IT and Cloud Solutions alike.

Theo has a simple philosophy in his business engagements – if the team he represents does not have a material strategic impact to the customer, they should not be engaging at all. Every engagement is measured in efficient improvement, achieving an unsurpassed level of flexibility whilst introducing the highest levels of control.

Theo holds a B.Comm Honor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Pretoria.

Nico Coetzee, security specialist, FirstRand Bank
Using abstraction to balance multiple cloud providers
Nico Coetzee consults on IT security and risk related matters within the FirstRand group. With a strong background in Software Engineering he advises clients throughout the development life cycle of a project on IT security and risk related matters.

Nico is busy with his Masters in Engineering through WITS, which should finally be completed at the end of 2012 with a research topic focusing on cloud storage optimization. His expertise in Cloud Computing started almost a decade ago when he started playing with virtualization and his first big cloud role out was at FNB Cellphone Banking in 2004.

Nico also consults for the Gerson Lehrman Group on occasion and is involved in the Hightable community specifically around cloud computing, security and developing standards in these fields. Finally, Nico is also member of the IEEE as well as the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) where he is also actively participating in various online forums.

Francis Cronjé, Founder & MD, ?
Privacy and risk in the cloud, vis-a-vis POPI and other regulation
Francis is an Information Governance Specialist with a strong legal background and years of practical experience, advising large entities on the powerful impact of POPI. Apparently, his corporate clients refer to him as the “Cleaner”... He obtained a LLM degree from the University of Oslo’s Norwegian Research Centre for Computers and Law, specialising in Data Protection and currently advises Parliament on POPI, where he serves on the relevant portfolio, technical & NCOP committees. He is the co-author and -editor of Cyberlaw@SA and is the IAPP’s Chairperson in Cape Town. Francis also serves as an adjudicator and appeal panellist at WASPA and ISPA. He has written numerous articles and is a regular speaker on POPI and ICT Law.

Brett Dunn, team lead, Enterprise System Engineers, EMC Southern Africa
Building clouds for service delivery, not architecture
Brett has been with EMC for the past six years. After four years as a technology consultant, he moved into a specialist role which focused on how infrastructure technologies integrate with that of server virtualization technologies. This led to an enhanced focus on cloud-based models and how infrastructure teams pool infrastructure resources and deliver these resources to different lines of business in an automated manner, while being monitored and reported on, as new ITaaS models emerge. Brett currently leads a team of enterprise system engineers at EMC, with a corporate focus on mobile, social trust, cloud and Big data strategic pillars.

Mark Gillon, business development manager, Altech ISIS
The role of brokers and consultants in provisioning cloud services
Mark has held a number of international posts at high profile telecoms organisations such as WorldCom, Vodacom, AboveNet and Geo Networks. He was instrumental in a number of successful B/OSS and network projects being implemented throughout Europe, Africa, the USA and Australia, increasing the networks’ commercial viability and profitability. Currently, he is running the commercial department at Altech ISIS, with a focus on growing the business.

Kenny Inggs, CTO & co-founder, 22seven
22seven – the inside story of how the cloud took SA’s banks by surprise
When Kenny was still learning to spell, his dad brought an 8088 IBM PC home. It asked for his name, he typed it in and, to his amazement, it said "Hello Kenny". He's been playing with computers ever since. He's built software internationally and locally for giants like Microsoft and start-ups like 20twenty. He loves technology. He loves technology that can change lives even more. But he loves engaging, accessible life-changing technology most of all.

Gareth Jane, Windows Azure platform strategy advisor, Microsoft South Africa
How the cloud is empowering African business
Gareth is the Windows Azure platform strategy advisor at Microsoft South Africa, and forms part of a global technology incubation team within the company. He works closely with independent software vendors, helping them to understand the business and technical impact which cloud computing will have on their business. He interacts with tech start-ups on the Microsoft BizSpark programme, and also guides architectural and technical decision makers in the country’s biggest software companies.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Gareth spent 10 years as chief architect and technical director of a financial services software company. He has 15 years’ experience on Microsoft platforms, architectural patterns and practices, and tools and technologies. He believes that cloud computing will have a dramatic impact on the future of software application development.

Ian Jansen van Rensburg, systems engineering manager, VMware Southern Africa
The cloud under control: managing the covert cloud, and the path of virtualisation into the cloud
Ian is responsible for the systems engineering team that assists driving revenue in South Africa as well as 33 countries within Africa. With a focus on technical pre-sales he ensures that the system engineers provide the correct level of technical pre-sales support to customers, partners and other internal teams within VMware.

Ian joined VMware in 2007. He has more than 18 years of experience in the IT industry. Prior to joining the company he held technical and management positions at leading local technology companies. He has been directly involved in assisting the local VMware office grow revenues through securing contracts with leading customers, and has taken ownership of growing the technical teams across the region.

Ian currently holds certifications as a Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator (CCEA) and a VMware Certified Professional.

Sean Maritz, IT strategy and architecture manager, Eskom
Cloud deployment strategy - Eskom case study
When not developing new theoretical treatments, methodologies and technologies for Eskom, Maritz is conceiving, planning and conducting work in areas where there is little or no theory to guide experimentation or application, and where outcomes are difficult to determine. With 24 years’ experience at Eskom, his practical understanding of the issues facing utilities is extensive and detailed. He held the role of infrastructure operations manager between 2009 and 2011 and was instrumental in establishing high-profile strategies, including infrastructure as a service, Microsoft as a strategy, and green IT. Between 2000 and 2009, he played a key role in establishing centres of excellence, including for SAP, knowledge management, and integration. When he joined the company in 1988, Maritz co-founded Eskom’s information management department.

Grant Morgan, GM: Cloud, Dimension Data Middle East and Africa
Everything your service provider doesn't want you to ask about SLAs and security
Grant Morgan has an upstanding reputation and has held various technical and sales roles within the IT industry, from systems engineer and chief technical officer, to sales manager and general manager.

Grant is currently General Manager: Cloud, Dimension Data Middle East and Africa, and has undertaken various roles within specific areas such as data centre solutions, network integration, managed services, eCommerce web development and Africa expansion projects. Grant holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Tony Olivier, managing director, Performanta Consulting and Mobile Security at Performanta Technologies
Cloud security, interception and monitoring in the wake of PRISM
Anthony (Tony) Olivier has been in IT since 1985, starting as an IT operator, and at various times fulfilling the role of network operator and analyst, DBA, programmer, web developer and security analyst. He moved into information security at Standard Bank, and ended his tenure there as its business information security officer for Africa, holding accountability for the security of the Standard Bank presence in 16 countries.

In 2011 he moved to Performanta, establishing its information security consultancy which specialises in information security and information risk management strategy.

He is also the co-founder of DiscussIT (, the South African podcast portal, where he is the host of the IT Security Pubcast, a podcast dedicated to information security practitioners in South Africa.

Anthony also actively blogs on information security, general IT and social networking issues at

Rudie Raath, chief technologist, HP South Africa
Cloud technology update
Rudie Raath joined HP in 2008 as Technology Advisor within the Networking Business and now holds a senior position as Chief Technologist & Country Pre-Sales Manager for the Enterprise Group in South Africa.

With more than 14 years’ experience in this IT sector, Rudie spend his last 6 years within HP developing thought leadership strategies around converged infrastructure and cloud computing. In 2012 he completed top of class in a 1 year HP leadership development program held at GIBS (Gorton Institute for Business Science), a leading international business school.

“My previous role as Technology Consulting Country Manager for HPSA prepared me to make a massive difference in my current role as Chief Technologist for our Enterprise Products and Cloud Solutions. It allows me to develop my team into visionary technologist that focuses on the business outcome rather than the technology used to get there.”

Raath was one of four HP South Africa employees to be recognised at the DHL Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit as an individual that is making a difference and positioning himself as tomorrow’s leader.

“We want to Make it Matter by delivering real leading solutions to the market, giving them the competitive edge in their respective industry.” Says Raath when is asked what they want to achieve within HP.

Frank Rizzo, technology sector leader, KPMG
‘The cloud takes shape’ – A KPMG global cloud survey examines the implementation challenge for business today
Frank is a partner in KPMG, and has been with the firm for the past 23 years. He is currently the Head of IT Advisory (Risk & Compliance) for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Frank is also the sector head for the Technology sector for KPMG in Africa. Frank’s professional and educational qualifications include a Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Accounting, CA (SA), Certified Information Systems Auditor, Certified Information Security Manager, and Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT.

Warren Small, executive direct: business development, solution innovation,
Britehouse vPS
Case study
Warren founded and managed BasisOne. This was later amalgamated into the Britehouse SSD (SAP specialist division), a member of Britehouse Holdings (a Dimension Data company) and launched as Britehouse vPS (virtual platform solutions). With over 15 years’ experience in infrastructure and applications, his involvement has enabled Britehouse vPS to become a leader in enterprise application consulting, managed hosting and cloud services. His involvement was also instrumental in the company attaining the first SAP certified hosting and cloud partnership status in Africa. As an executive director within Britehouse vPS, Warren is currently responsible for business development and solution innovation.

Brian Timperley, managing director & co-founder, Turrito Networks (Pty) Ltd
Case study
Managing Director & Co-Owner, Cloudware (Pty) Ltd
Managing Director & Co-Founder, Turrito Networks (Pty) Ltd
NDip Information Technology, Natal Institute of Technology 1998 – 2001
Brian Timperley is Managing Director of Cloudware, and Co-Founder of Turrito Networks. After several years in engineering and IT businesses, Brian joined Internet Solutions in 2005, moving into Key Accounts and managing some of the largest multi-national businesses in South Africa. In 2010 Brian co-founded Turrito Networks with Louis Jardim, and sold an investment stake in their company to a JSE listed business. Turrito Networks then jointly acquired a stake in Cloudware (Pty) Ltd mid-2011, taking over management of the business, and launching the company’s new Cloudware services to market in January 2012. Turrito Networks & Cloudware currently provide connectivity & cloud services to over 100 corporates, education and financial institutions as well as over 50 municipalities throughout South Africa and into Africa.

Richard Vester, director - cloud services, EOH
The hybrid cloud – balancing and managing cloud workloads
Richard Vester has been in the ICT industry since 1997. Since then Richard has been intimately involved in the service provider and communications industry in a sales, product development, operations and marketing roles.

Richard has a deep understanding of the underlying market and the infrastructure, support and products required to deliver best of breed Converged Solutions to SA businesses.

Richard has worked for the leading ICT companies in South Africa and over the last five years has spear headed the strategy creation for a large telecommunications provider and applications provider in South Africa. He has specialised in the strategic development of solutions in cloud computing, infrastructure services, security & applications.

More recently he has taken up the role of Director of Cloud Services at EOH Mthombo.

Sean Wainer, country manager-Africa, Citrix Systems South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Cloud deployment strategy case studies
Sean Wainer is country manager of Citrix Systems – Africa (independent industry expert and panel member). Wainer has been in the IT industry for 21 years, holding positions at, among others, IBM, Dell, Oracle and Check Point. He is currently the country manager for Citrix, covering the southern Africa region. Wainer is passionate about technology and gadgets that make life simpler.

Len Weincier, CEO, CloudAfrica
Building a cloud hosting provider from scratch - deep dive into the tech and business decisions

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