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[Storage Survey 2013]

 ·        A majority of survey respondents (62.01%) cited that their organisation has implemented a virtualisation strategy and 37.99% said there was no strategy in place.  Out of the respondents that said yes 70.37% are using VMWare. 

 ·         A small amount of respondents (5.03%) said that their vendor of choice is NetApp, 17.32% chose HP and the highest scoring was EMC at 20.67%.

 ·        When asked if their organisation has an application catalogue 39.88% indicated that they do, 36.99% said no and 23.12% were unsure.

 ·        According to the survey 50.87% answered that they do understand their organisation’s critical application workload profile, 44.51% said that they did not and 4.62% indicated that they would like assistance from EMC.

·         It also emerged that a large amount of respondents (76.97%) said that their organisation does allow external, remote and/or mobile access to its information infrastructure, only 23.03% said they do not. 

·         On a scale of 1-4 (where 1 is unsatisfied and 4 is completely satisfied) with their organisation’s backup window, i.e. RPO/RTO, 51.52% said that they are satisfied, and 7.88% said they are not satisfied.

·         It appears that most respondents do have the technology skills to manage and protect their information (79.88%), 14.63% responded that they do not and 5.49% would like to better understand the risks involved.