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Muggie van Staden Sven Lesicnik
Managing director, LSD Information Technology
Muggie van Staden Muggie van Staden
Muggie van Staden, managing director/chief executive officer, Obsidian

Sven Lesicnik

Sven Lesicnik started his career in the Austrian army. The skills he obtained there have been invaluable in his role at LSD Information Technology as managing director. During his time in the army he completed his BCom degree, specialising in financial and strategic management. For the past 10 years he has commanded the LSD troops, and has assisted in elevating LSD as a market leader in the enterprise open source market in southern Africa. His passion for business, coupled with his belief that "the only foundation of real business is service" has resulted in him becoming a trusted advisor to vendors, partners and clients.


Muggie van Staden

Muggie van Staden was one of the founding members of Obsidian Systems, a Linux and open source company started by a group of RAU students who saw a future filled with free software. When he had completed his studies, Van Staden left Obsidian to work at an engineering firm, only to return to Obsidian in 1999 to take the reins as managing director. As MD, he has overseen the growth in the company, in both services on offer and revenue. Outside of work, Van Staden is a devoted family man and geek at heart.





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