Nashua launches ground-breaking "Saving You Time" campaign

"Saving you time. Saving you money. Putting you first." For over 40 years, this pay-off line has defined Nashua as a company. It's a line that has stood for so long and been repeated so many times that it's true meaning has been forgotten. In an effort to breathe new life into the Nashua brand while ushering in a new shift in focus for the company, Nashua has launched an ambitious new digital campaign that is bold, creative and sure to add value to the lives of businessmen and women across a broad range of industries.

The "Saving You Time" campaign is built around maximising efficiency in both the business world and in people's personal lives through a series of helpful "time-saving tips" that could save precious hours in the lives of the people who engage with the campaign.

"The premise for the campaign is simple," says Dave Hallas, Head of Marketing for the Nashua Group. "Time is the most precious commodity we have. Once spent, it can never be reclaimed and yet the amount of time we waste on inefficient processes and unnecessary tasks is staggering. Nashua built its business on saving people time through its office automation solutions – with this new campaign we aim to expand on that thinking and find ways to extend it to every aspect of people's lives with the end goal of making South Africa more efficient."

The campaign also aligns with Nashua's focus on becoming a market leader in the field of Managed Document Services (MDS). This is no easy feat for a company that has built a 41-year legacy based around selling office automation devices such as printers, scanners and photocopying machines.

"The device side of the business and all the after-sales service that comes with it is still a key part of what Nashua does, but going forward we want to position ourselves far more aggressively as leading office efficiency experts through our MDS offering. As such, Nashua is offering free office assessments to any company that signs up for them through our newly-created online Time Hub. These assessments are worthwhile for any company to undergo because often companies don't realise just how inefficient they are until we run our diagnostics and point out how much time and money we can potentially save them through our various solutions," says Hallas.

When a company signs up for a free office assessment, a team of consultants is dispatched to assess that company's document workflow structures and put together a full proposal detailing how Nashua can increase efficiency, reduce cost and minimise wastage across the board when it comes to the day-to-day running of the companies they assess.

The Time Hub will also house daily time-saving tips, an "efficiency test" to determine how efficient your organisation is, and downloadable five-page summaries of the World's top 20 business books which will be uploaded to the content hub every week.

"By posting easy-to-share content on our Time Hub and social media platforms, we aim to create an active community of people who share their own time-saving tips and contribute to the conversation both online and in the real world. Nashua might be an old company, but it's fuelled with young, fresh ideas, which means our customers get the same trusted experience, but now with a young technical know-how," said Hallas.

To find out more about the campaign or to sign up for a free office assessment, visit

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