The man with a managed solution

Jason Schoultz, National Manager for Software Solutions and Nashua.

Jason Schoultz, National Manager for Software Solutions and Nashua.

When Nashua made a move into the managed services industry, it needed a person who only had a passion for IT and good knowledge of the managed services industry, but also someone who was able to understand a client's requirements and offer the best-of-breed solutions based on those needs. So, when Nashua came across Jason Schoultz, it was quite evident that he was the best man for the job.

Schoultz started his career in 1993 working as a network technician. He then moved into a sales and marketing position at Stantronic where he quickly moved through the ranks of sales and was promoted to Customer Relations Director. He was responsible for managing and maintaining client relationships monitoring market trends and bringing innovative products to the business whose primary focus was selling and servicing the legal industry as a one-stop service provider. "This is when I realised my true passion was for software and being able provide solutions that were designed to make a client's business run smoother and more efficient," he says.

In 2003, Schoultz started his own company that sold cost accounting solutions to businesses in the legal industry. In 2007, the company was bought by Nashua and Schoultz moved into Nashua's business solutions department. "Since I moved there, Nashua's business solutions have experienced triple-digit growth, especially in the managed print and managed document services space."

Schoultz's experience in various industries such as accounting, motoring, the local and national government, energy, construction and healthcare – along with his constant drive to keep up with the latest technology trends means that he is very well equipped to provide a managed document solution to just about any company.

When asked where he sees Nashua in the future, Schoultz says that the company will continue to build on and improve its current business solutions. "We may even see Nashua deploying specialised teams to businesses." For example, we would no longer be selling just a solution consisting of hardware, software and support, but instead deploy a dedicated team to a company to assist in managing and servicing certain aspects of the clients business processes.

Schoultz's current key responsibilities are the management of sales and pre-sales at Nashua, with a focused effort on delivering tools and training to the franchise's network of 60 outlets.

Not all work

When not at work, Schoultz enjoys the outdoors with regular mountain biking and a few rounds of golf.

He is an avid rugby fan and also enjoys the odd squash game with friends.

* View Jason Schoultz's LinkedIn profile to find out more about the man behind Nashua's managed solutions here.

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The man with a managed solution

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Jason Schoultz, National Manager for Software Solutions and Nashua.

When Nashua came across Jason Schoultz, it was evident that he was the best man for the job.

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