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Network security.

Fahad Nisar Game of phones

In the data-driven digital economy, big storage means big perks.

Jannie Pretorius For what it’s worth

The value of a process is that it integrates into a company’s operations.

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Clothing retailers see online sales uptick

SA's traditional clothing retailers report growth in online sales, as more South Africans embrace e-commerce.

IS, Cell C join forces

Internet Solutions taps Cell C to expand its fixed-LTE service offering.

SA's central securities depository in distributed ledger tech drive

Strate will work together with SWIFT and six other central securities depositories to implement the technology in post-trade scenarios.

LG serious about bendable screens

The Korean manufacturer files a patent for a smartphone with a screen that folds in on itself.

Former ICASA councillor passes away

The regulation authority and telecoms department mourn the loss of Libby Lloyd.

Renewables sector expects imminent signing of R58bn deals

The industry anticipates the conclusion of the 26 outstanding power purchase agreements in the first quarter of 2018.


2017: a vibrant year for the ICT industry ICT activity in Africa continues to grow, with offices sprouting on the continent from companies like Intelsat, Oracle and Syspro.



Becoming one with the machines Ask not what tech can do for you, but what you and tech can do together for people - that's the advice of TransUnion CEO Lee Naik.



An ARM to stand on? The adoption of ARM chips into the Windows PC world could be a new epoch. But South Africans may not be equipped to take advantage of that, warns James Francis.


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