Fabio Mione, Head of Projects and Strategic Execution for Nedbank Integrated Channels

Fabio Mione

Head of Projects and Strategic Execution for Nedbank Integrated Channels

Fabio has been part of the Nedbank world for the last 10 years specialising in the execution and implementation of strategic Programmes. During his time at the bank, he has been involved in many firsts from launching South Africa's first cash accepting ATM to the latest endeavour, the unveiling of Pepper, the first commercial humanoid robot in South Africa. Fabio has been intimately involved with the Nedbank Retail front line channels and has been a key enabler in the journey from standalone channels into the world of Multi- and Omni-channel ecosystems as well as overall management for operational, innovation and organisational initiatives for channel business. In recent times, Fabio has recently taken additional accountability for understanding and managing the effective change management of solutions landing in the business. He currently heads up the Projects, Change and Strategic Execution team for Nedbank Integrated Channels and holds a degree in Electronic Engineering, a honours in Technology Management and Masters in Project Management.

Fabio Mione will be speaking on the following topic:

CASE STUDY: Banking Pepper – a fully programmable humanoid robot, the latest addition to the Nedbank family (real world lessons on implementing humanoid robotics)

Nedbank has taken the leap in exploring humanoid robotics through the launch of Softbank's Pepper. Tough lessons learnt in launching South Africa first humanoid robot.


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