director: Big Data and Analytics, Barclays Africa

Myles Rennie

Director: Big Data & Analytics, Barclays Africa

For the past 20 years, Myles Rennie has leveraged his technical, business and analytical skills to successfully develop and deliver creative, high impact, business enhancing solutions to businesses across various sectors, industries and sizes. His leadership qualities, intellectual curiosity, imagination, creativity, experience and compulsion to succeed has helped him help businesses grow and move forward. Rennie is able to combine his extensive business knowledge, excellent communication skills, and deep programming experience with a heavy dose of mathematics, applied statistics, machine learning and deep learning to successfully solve complex problems.

Myles Rennie will be speaking on the following topic:

Panel discussion: On the road to AI – how do you get there?

This panel discussion will provide insight into the considerations that need to be made before embarking on a journey to AI.


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