Cecil Kgoetiane, Manager: information systems, SA Weather Service

Cecil Kgoetiane

data engineer, SA Weather Service

Cecil is currently the Manager: information systems and is leading 2 teams namely; the Web `Development team and the Apps Development /Data Management team. He is the Project Lead for the enterprise-wide Business Continuity Program whose test reports have to be effected through a BI solution. He used to be a Data Engineer specializing in Reporting and Analytics. Cecil is also a part-time lecturer at TUT for BTECH students (Knowledge Management). He holds a Master’s degree in Business Information Systems and is currently a PhD (Business Leadership) student at the UKZN

Cecil Kgoetiane will be speaking on the following topic:

Case study The effect of moving BI analytics to the cloud

Based on the BARC's study on the BI trend monitor 2017 and Tableau's top 10 BI trends 2017, in the last two to three years, and especially 2017, the trend has been that businesses are relocating their data to the cloud environment.

  • Find out why businesses are moving analytics to the cloud
  • Achieve business continuity and reduce costs through the cloud
  • Learn best-in-class analytics process power