Dennis Naidoo, managing director & Dr Cathy Pickering, chief architect, Verve Digital

Charlene George

Managing director & Dr Cathy Pickering, chief architect, Verve Digital

Charlene’s experience is a unique blend of corporate, consulting and entrepreneurial experience; having occupied various leadership roles in the financial services and IT industries for the past 17 years. She has contributed to the success of local and global organisations such as Standard Bank, Hyphen Technology, IBM, Cisco Systems, Oracle Financial Services Software and Dell EMC.

Charlene George will be speaking on the following topic:

Big data analytics in the cloud

Discussion between a business executive and the head of IT. Scenario - someone in the business is keen to move big data analytics to the cloud but the business executive is sceptical. She contacts the head of IT to understand the pros and cons and to address her concerns.

  • Understanding the pros and cons of big data analytics in the cloud
  • Knowing what questions to ask when considering a move to the cloud for big data analytics

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