Hayden Sadler, country manager for INFINIDAT SA

Hayden Sadler

Country manager for INFINIDAT SA

As country manager for INFINIDAT SA, Hayden Sadler leads all aspects of the business for the local market. With almost 30 years in the data storage industry, Sadler has built his career around helping organisations to both manage and leverage their data as a strategic resource. An industry veteran, he is known for his wealth of knowledge in data storage management and in-depth view of the industry. With previous positions across the Middle East and Africa for several international vendors, Sadler's experience has shown him to be a 'tech guy' at heart - embracing technology throughout his career. Sadler's passion lies in the blending of business and technology, and believes from a data perspective, organisations like INFINIDAT are storing humanity's knowledge and making new types of computing possible.

Hayden Sadler will be speaking on the following topic:

Embracing public cloud while reducing costs and improving performance

Sovereign cloud storage enables real-time competition between public clouds, and enhances workload agility, easily move workloads without moving data. It offers high performance, high availability for production and test / development, while eliminating hidden cloud costs for storage.

  • Instantly migrate any size workload between clouds with no egress costs.
  • Solve your data sovereignty issues.
  • Better performance regardless what cloud you decide to host in.
  • Improve your current cloud SLA.
  • Reduce your public cloud costs so the solution pays for itself.
  • Supports your on-prem so hybrid to multi-cloud is achieved

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