Lawrance Reddy

Technical director at Cloudlogic SA

Lawrance Reddy is technical director for Cloudlogic SA, and the first Microsoft Azure MVP in South Africa, He is equipped with a vast array of skills in enterprise architecture using the Microsoft Cloud and hybrid technologies.

With over 20 years’ experience in delivering digital transformation in over 32 countries, Reddy has had the privilege working for multiple Fortune 500 companies, At Unilever and Microsoft, He has produced global and innovative solutions in over 32 countries, for different organisations and cultures using packaged IP solutions.

These solutions have become global standards and which have altered the way infrastructure, systems management and digital transformation is achieved in these regions. His community service for Social Good using Azure is helping to make a human impact including using AI to curb rhino poaching as well as helping NGOs best serve vulnerable and orphaned children.

Reddy is driving Azure for Social Good through conferences, speaking forums, NGO engagements and others technical social events as well as long term prototype customer engagements for next generation technologies.

Lawrance Reddy will be speaking on the following topic:

Case Study: eThekwini Municipality - Ensuring the taps don't run dry

Access to clean running water is essential to daily life, from basic hygiene to food preparation. Interruptions in water supply can affect entire communities and have a devastating effect on quality of life. Although factors such as droughts are beyond human control, there are several crucial components of water management systems that can be enhanced through technology. Cloudlogic was appointed to solve this challenge for the eThekwini Municipality.

  • Cloud strategies should be driven by need rather than destiny.
  • Cloud benefits should be tangible and immediate, not vague and fuzzy
  • Cloud disciples you should consider and never forget

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