Nkosi Kumalo

Nkosi Kumalo (Dr)

Managing executive: Commerce, Health, and Technology Division, BCX

Nkosi Kumalo is managing executive: Commerce, Health and Technology Division for BCX, a Telkom subsidiary company. In this role, he is tasked with driving industry-specific business solutions to BCX’s most strategic customers within SA. Central to his role is to ensure the integration of Telkom Business and BCX is smooth and delivers a good engagement experience with customers and partners. Prior to joining BCX, Kumalo worked in strategic business development and marketing roles in several industries, including FMCG, telecommunications and ICT, for strong and leading multinational brands. Kumalo is a well-rounded senior IT professional with strong experience across all technology stacks, from public cloud computing services, data centre services, licensing, printing and imaging, to endpoint devices and core applications, on-premises and in the cloud.

Nkosi Kumalo (Dr) will be speaking on the following topic:

The role of cloud computing in addressing SME challenges in SA

Many small businesses within SA do not make it past the second year of trading. Six factors that inhibit the growth of SMEs in SA have been identified as government red tape, lack of skills, labour regulations, lack of innovation, crime, and access to funding. Cloud computing is an area that could address most, if not all, of these challenges as it provides IT resources that are scalable, on demand, purchased on a pay-per-use basis, convenient, independent of location and cost-effective. So, how can IT, in the form of cloud computing, be used to address the challenges faced by SMEs in SA?

  • What are SME business challenges?
  • What are SME cloud technology inhibitors?
  • How should cloud technology be used to meet IT challenges of the SME mar-ket?
  • To what extent can cloud technology be used to address SME challenges?
  • What are technology gaps in addressing SME business challenges?

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