Making the DC part of your
digital transformation strategy

The event is free for the qualified end-user

If you are a significant end-user of data centre, products, services and solutions, as well as involved in creating a streamlined data centre environment and interested in unwrapping the latest trends and technologies in the data centre within your organisation then you qualify for a complimentary pass.


Data Centre
Summit 2018

Tuesday 10 July 2018
The Forum, Bryanston

“Today’s data centres are really out of sync with the equipment that’s inside them. It would be like using the enclosure for a 1984 Macintosh with the current generation of iMac. It just doesn’t jive very well. The power, cooling and space requirements have all morphed,” says Jennifer Cooke, research director for IDC's data centre trends and strategies team.

ITWeb Data Centre Summit 2018 is the largest gathering of qualified end-users of data centre architecture, infrastructure, technologies and solutions, as well as consumers of the latest trends, including cloud, Azure, blockchain, AI and ML, in South Africa.

Over 250 attendees will congregate to:
- Find out more from our data centre evangelists and experts;
- Hear from numerous vendors about the latest insights; and
- View demonstrations and hear practical content.




If you are an expert and an evangelist for the data centre in South Africa, this is your opportunity to shine.

We are looking for people like you to present at the annual ITWeb Data Centre Summit. Themes for 2018 include:


Security, data sovereignty and risk management


A cut above: the latest technology unveiled


Data centre design and management


Data Centre Cooling Design presented by
Michael Young, applications engineer, thermal management, Vertiv

Learn how:

  • To implement hot and cold aisle containment can reduce the overall unit size and reduce capital costs
  • Team work operation between CRAC units can reduce energy consumption and provide unit redundancy
  • A cooling unit must provide the correct amount of cooling and the correct amount of air to ensure the data centre is operating in the correct conditions
  • Correct airflow management can improve the energy

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Security, data sovereignty and risk management

Risk management, infosec, incident response and management as well as data sovereignty, including regulations and certifications pertaining to this, are all hot topics surrounding the data centre at present. It is vitally important that you have a deep understanding of these key issues to protect your data from attack or disaster and ensure you have the relevant mechanisms in place to do so.

A cut above – the latest technology unveiled

Your data centre should support your digital transformation and you need to radically change the way you think about data centre strategy. The role of cloud, IOT, AI, BYOD and open source in your data centre will be explored in-depth, and all the challenges, benefits and solutions discussed.

Data centre design and management

This track is focused on the underlying infrastructure that keeps your data centre running on a day-to-day basis. We will look at the latest power and cooling infrastructure, assess the most cost efficient ways to manage your data centre, and examine what to do in case of a disaster.

If you are a significant end-user of data centre products, services and solutions,
then you qualify for a complimentary pass

This event offers you exclusive access to key decision makers and gives you a unique opportunity to showcase your products and services.


The futurist’s opinion

Are you fretting about the future? We understand there are a number of scenarios playing out in the ICT space at present. As a result, we have secured a ‘futurist’ to discuss the possible outcomes, challenges, benefits and solutions that could impact you, so you can plan effectively and ensure a faster, more agile business environment.

The economist’s opinion

While we may not be headed towards a total economic meltdown, according to local economists, further stagnation and decay is a distinct possibility. What does the economic outlook look like? How will this affect the future of business? Hear from a reputable economist, ask your most pressing questions and make the right decisions for your business.

International keynote address

The industry spoke and we listened! You wanted to hear from the experts in data centre management, such as Google, Facebook or LinkedIn, and we will endeavour to source said international keynote speaker. This will provide you with an invaluable opportunity to hear global expertise, take part in information sharing, raise your questions and debate the outcomes.

Speed networking

Meet your match during this co-ordinated time for networking. Spend just two minutes face-to-face with fellow attendees – colleagues, competitors or peers – and answer just three questions: Who are you, what do you do and what does your product, solution or service bring to the table? Bring your business cards and exchange details with fellow participants.

Live interviews

Meet your match. We will provide you with the opportunity to ask your pointed questions to a number of our key experts, in a live interview format. Prepare your questions in advance, get these to our chairman via the social media channels, and get the answers to your most pressing questions.


Unveil the latest technology and trends in data centres from a business, operations and tech perspective.

Network with your peers, colleagues and competitors and share insights and experiences, as well as your challenges.

Improve your organisation’s competitive edge by acquiring insight into the latest cost saving tactics – from energy to power, built into the cloud…

2018 Hot topics


ITWeb Data Centre Summit 2018 provides you with a platform to showcase your data centre infrastructure, architecture, build, power, cooling, etc, solutions, services and technologies to qualified decision-makers. This is southern Africa's largest data centre focused event on the calendar – everyone who's anyone in the data centre space will be there!


This event offers you exclusive access to key decision makers and gives you a unique opportunity to showcase your products and services.

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