Data backup and disaster recovery.

Data backup and disaster recovery.

Data protection in the enterprise is a vast topic, so much so that data protection solution vendors offer several products just to cover all the different use cases.

There are solutions that address backup, recovery and disaster recovery, as well as off-site backup and replication.

It is a little-known fact that the amount of storage in the data protection tier surpasses "primary" storage totals by as much as a factor of four.

The raw volume of data alone, combined with yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and even sometimes hourly retention schedules could cause clients to end up with as many as 30 copies of their original data, which consumes a vast amount of storage capacity.

We are now at a crossroads when it comes to the traditional data protection paradigm. Analysts have often quipped, "How do you backup a petabyte (PB) of data?" "You don't" is the typical response. Disk-based backup appliances help from a performance perspective, but these devices weren't designed to scale to manage PBs of data and hence are not meeting the ever-evolving SLAs of the business.

This paper focuses on data protection for the data centre, which is the area that houses the largest amount of data and backup infrastructure.