ITWeb is pleased to announce that Modac has come on board as a display sponsor for the ITWeb Data Centre Summit 2018, to be held on 10 and 11 July, at The Forum, in Bryanston.

Modac is an organisation that handles data centre products distribution for southern Africa, as well as UPSes, raised flooring, specialised air-conditioning, environment and power monitoring systems, data centre PODs, PDUs, generator backup and a micro data centre in a cabinet design.

Alan Gaines, a director at Modac, says the company has been building data centres for the ICT reseller market since 1994, and is heavily entrenched in the market. "We recognise the importance of being involved with anything relating data centre builds, whether partial or complete projects. Anyone who is interested in data centres and related technology infrastructure will find no better platform than ITWeb's event."

He says events of this nature are important for SA, as they keep the industry in line with international trends. "As server characteristics change, so must the data centre design, and it's important for the end-user to have an efficient room that's capable of expanding and changing to different equipment needs."

According to Gaines, as a dedicated data centre design company, Modac learns of new solutions to common problems in the industry on a regular basis. "If we are learning and improving efficiencies continuously, the end-users and ICT resellers who attend this event will walk away with new and innovative ideas for their existing and new data centres."

Gaines recently announced that "Modac is offering resellers a complete Data Centre rental option were Modac will build the DC on their customers premises and their customer will only pay for what they use."

Angela Mace, CRM and events director at ITWeb, says the local data centre space is a dynamic one that is evolving rapidly, and organisations need to keep abreast of all the new trends and technologies.

"At present, and in the future, innovative technologies and ideas around data centre architecture will see business leaders and adapting their strategies in terms of helping the data centre run more optimally and create competitive advantages," she adds.

She says attendees of the ITWeb Data Centre Summit 2018 will have the opportunity to meet with over 200 qualified end-users of data centre architecture, infrastructure, technologies and solutions, as well as consumers of the latest trends. They will also hear the latest insight from numerous vendors and learn from several demonstrations and practical content.

"In addition, they will hear about the latest and greatest data centre trends around the world, and will catch a glimpse into what the future holds for today's modern data centres," she concludes.