GDPR Update 2018

6 November 2018 (workshop)
7 November 2018 (conference and expo)
8 & 9 November 2018 (training)
The Forum, Bryanston

25 May 2018 deadline for GDPR compliance has come and gone!

This event will address the true cost and consequences of GDPR on South African companies working within the EU. It will provide detailed information in the form of practical and interactive mini-workshops to help guide delegates through the minefield that is the GDPR, from assessing your current internal policies and procedures all the way through to mitigating your risk of reputational damage.

The challenge for South African companies is to ensure they understand what it takes to be GDPR compliant, and why they should bother. They must be aware of the risks and the regulations that will impact on their business and their international reputation.

That's why we are hosting the GDPR Update 2018.

Don’t miss this world-class training to assist with brushing up your skill set

GDPR compliancy: dataflow management with regards to an integrated IT solution
Gideon Petrus Bouwer, cyber law and criminal law forensics specialist, Cyberlaw Forensics

This training course will cover how data flow management is essential for GDPR compliancy and can be loosely divided into three parts, all of which will be discussed in this session: data inflow, data storage and data handling. It will provide delegates with an in-depth understanding of; GDPR data flow management requirements; The meaning of data processing by default; The obligation of data processing by default; What constitutes an integrated IT solution by default; and The solution, and how to implement an integrated IT solution by default.


Comparing the implementation requirements of the GDPR to those of POPIA
Peter Hill, director, IT Governance Network

Complying with new data protection legislation is not easy. Both the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act are described as technical and complex. Often compliance initiatives drain resources and consume the time of key employees. This half day course will provide attendees with an overview of both the GDPR and POPIA, it will cover the similarities and the differences and focus on the key implementation steps to fulfil the legal obligations of the GDPR and POPIA.


Uncover the implications of
European Data Protection Board (EDPB)

Dr Peter Tobin

CEO, Peter Tobin Consultancy (PTC)


At GDPR Update 2018, over 80 business leaders will gather to establish what the true costs and consequences of non-compliance are for enterprises, and how this can be avoided.

The event is geared towards a valuable learning experience, with high-level presenters providing practical use case information in a mini-workshop format and interactive networking opportunities.

Do you help organisations take control of their data that is collected, stored, and processed in the company's different departments on both computers and servers?

Do you implement advanced security measures necessary to protect them from attackers?

If you offer a solution or product to industry, you cannot afford to miss this event!

Contact Debbie Visser for more information –

What are the key business benefits of attending the ITWeb GDPR Update 2018?

Assess your internal policies and procedures and compare them to organisations that have suffered the consequences of non-compliance or a breach.

Find out what the minimum training requirements are for your organisation and determine what more needs to be done.

Gain insight into the associated consequences of non-compliance, be it in cost and/or reputational damage.

Find out what is happening at the coalface during our practical case study presentations.

Get to the bottom of your most pressing concerns during our mini-workshops.

Ask your most pressing questions and get the answers from our line-up of experienced experts.

Hear controversial reaction to the current state of play when it comes to GDPR within South African organisations.


Gideon Bouwer, cyber law and criminal law forensics specialist at Cyberlaw Forensics. 11 Sep 2018 - by Kirsten Doyle GDPR compliancy is data flow management problem
GDPR compliancy is data flow management problem
Gideon Bouwer, cyber law and criminal law forensics specialist at Cyberlaw Forensics.

Local businesses need to physically protect and conform to the data processing of personal information, as required by the GDPR, says Cyberlaw Forensics.

22 Aug 2018 - by Kirsten Doyle GDPR and SA businesses
GDPR and SA businesses

All efforts expended on GDPR will place SA organisations in good stead for POPIA compliance, says Virtual Alliance.

20 Aug 2018 - by ITWeb ITWeb workshop to unpack requirements of GDPR, POPI
ITWeb workshop to unpack requirements of GDPR, POPI

'Comparing the implementation requirements of the GDPR to those of POPIA' will run from 8am to 12:30pm on 6 November.

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