Bantu Holomisa


Bantu Holomisa, MP

Major general (retired) Bantubonke Holomisa co-founded the United Democratic Movement (UDM) in 1997 and serves as its president. In 1999, within a period of 20 months since the UDM's establishment, he, together with 13 other members of the party, were elected to Parliament. He is a current Member of Parliament representing the UDM.

Since 1989, Holomisa has addressed various forums around the world, including the UN Security Council on the need to monitor violence in South Africa; the Confederation of British Industry; the Carnegie Endowment (USA); the Council on Foreign Relations (USA); Centre for International Security Studies (USA); African-American Institute (USA); the Prayer Breakfast meetings in the USA, Zambia and Uganda; the World Tourism Organisation; the World Travel and Tourism Council; Convention on Biodiversity and many other international environmental conventions and meetings all over the world.

He currently serves on the National Defence Force Service Commission on the request of the president of the republic and the minister of defence. Holomisa serves on the following portfolio committees in the National Assembly: International Relations, Water and Environment Affairs, and Sport and Recreation.

Bantu Holomisa will be speaking on the following topic:

Keynote address: Socio-political impacts on GRC

Holomisa will explore common hurdles to good corporate governance, as well as examine the current political and economic issues and their implications on companies in South Africa. What does the future hold for South African companies?

  • Assessing the socio-political issues and how they impact your organisation; and
  • Your role as a GRC practitioner in ensuring your company is agile enough to adopt and survive.

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