O'Shea Bowens, Founder and CEO, Null Hat Security (USA)

O'Shea Bowens

Founder & CEO, Null Hat Security (USA)

O'Shea Bowens is a cybersecurity enthusiast with a decade of information security experience. He is the founder of "Null Hat Security LLC", which focuses on incident response, SOC training and blue team engagements. O'Shea has worked and consulted for companies and clients in the space of federal government, Fortune 500, and international firms. He specializes in areas of incident response, network and systems security, security architecture and threat hunting. O'Shea founded Null Hat Security as he believes a greater focus should be placed on personal engagements with defenders to fine tune skill sets and knowledge of threats for best response efforts. O'Shea is also the co-founder of "Intrusion Diversity System", a bi-monthly hosted cyber security podcast.

O'Shea Bowens will be speaking on the following topic:

Crawl, monitor, walk, detect, run like heck! Examining the stages of building and executing a threat hunting programme

As organizations are forced to combat threats in numerous vectors its forced defenders to rethink our tactics. Technology such as firewall, SIEMS, and DLP are all but standard, but meant to aid in detecting attacks. Once attacks occur and have slipped past the radar it's time to enter the world of threat hunting to discover attacker motives. Let us discuss how to leverage attacker techniques coupled with threat intelligence and incident response to foster active threat hunting engagements. This session will foster examples of tracing attacker movements, edging attackers out of your network, and creating proactive countermeasures. This session will focus on important strategies, tools, techniques and planning to consider for your hunting engagements. We will highlight realities of the relationship between incident response, cyber threat intelligence and threat hunting, as well as provide real world examples of identifying attacker methodologies.

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