Russell Hollick

Russell Hollick

Chief Software Architect, SYSPRO (Pty) Ltd

Since joining SYSPRO in 1982, Russell has been responsible for most of the core components of the software. He wrote the original Report Writer and ran the entire SYSPRO Programming Department for five years.

Russell has been involved in implementing e.net, SQL Server, Reporting Services, Contact Management, Analytics, Electronic Signatures, Online help and other vital architectural components.

Russell is committed to global standards and infrastructure for product development, as well as proactive security, easy upgrades, and anytime-anywhere access in any language from English to Chinese. Russell’s approach to development is driven by optimizing technology at the right time, which evolves according to the needs of the user.

Russell Hollick will be speaking on the following topic:

SYSPRO’s Journey to the Cloud

ERP is a highly competitive environment with both traditional on-premise vendors and born-in-the-cloud contenders vying for business. The session will provide some insights about SYSPRO's journey to the Cloud including Micro Focus technology. Topics will include: hybrid technologies; on-premise vs cloud models; security; microservices; SQL as a Service and how SYSPRO has leveraged agile and DevOps processes to deliver their product 30% faster.

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