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[Data Migration Survey 2015]

Key findings


1.     The majority of respondents (64%) indicated that their organisation undertakes up to 3 data migration projects per year.

2.     It’s not surprising that an overwhelming majority (76%) of respondents are planning a data migration project within the next 12-24 months.

3.     The results were pretty much evenly split when respondents were asked what they consider to be the greatest business risk when migrating data with unhappy customers at 34%, loss of productivity (29%) and breach of legal requirements at 22%.

4.     Just under half (47%) cited losing key data when asked what they consider to be the greatest IT risk when migrating data.

5.     It emerged that 49% of respondents said they prefer parallel running with no downtime as their preferred methodology for data migration, 25% chose a phased approach by line of business.  

6.     When asked which factors contribute the most to the success of data migration 64% chose technical expertise.

7.     Just under half of the respondents (49%) said their biggest data migration gap is difficulty identifying right data migration tools, absence of  support came in second at 45% and lack of technical skills third at 39%.