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Allyson Towle

Is cloud the game changer you are looking for?

22 Jan 2018Jeremy Matthews, Panda Security Africa.

ITWeb Events spoke to Jeremy Matthews, Panda Security Africa, about how cloud is a solution to BYOD and organisational security and management.

Journey from custom dev to the cloud

12 Jan 2018Adam Shapiro, director, Autopilot Workflow Solutions.

ITWeb Events spoke to Adam Shapiro, director, Autopilot Workflow Solutions.

Cloud and big data analytics

12 Jan 2018

ITWeb Events spoke to Charlene George, Verve Digital, about cloud and big data analytics.

How to choose your on-demand cloud computing model

11 Jan 2018Kevin Hall, national sales manager, Elingo.

ITWeb Events spoke to Kevin Hall, national sales manager, Elingo, about on-demand cloud computing models.

Cloud migration strategy under scrutiny

11 Jan 2018Rudi Strydom, enterprise architect, Imperial Logistics.

ITWeb Events spoke to Rudi Strydom, enterprise architect, Imperial Logistics, about his cloud migration strategy.

The economics of cloud

8 Dec 2017Darren Bak, lead business analyst, Synthesis.

ITWeb Events spoke to Darren Bak, lead business analyst, Synthesis, about his take on the economics of cloud and how to build a strong business case.

Data is driving a new business agenda

5 Dec 2017Amit Dave, chief technical officer and technical sales head at IBM Systems for the Middle East Africa region.

There has never been a tougher time to be in business and data is the differentiator says IBM director, cloud services solutions and systems, Maurice Blackwood.

From cloud to the democratisation of technology

28 Nov 2017Jordan Seke, CRM specialist and ICT consultant, Wits University.

Cloud computing in the wake of "the democratisation of technology" represents a significant break with the past, says Wits University's Jordan Sete.

The practicality of POPI

15 Nov 2017Dr Danie Strachan, partner at Adams & Adams.

Dr Danie Strachan, partner at Adams & Adams, will address ITWeb POPI Update II, covering the practical aspects of POPI.

Critical infrastructure and the cloud

9 Nov 2017Maganathin Marcus Veeraragaloo, Chief Advisor Information Security, Security Division, Eskom.

Eskom's Maganathin Marcus Veeraragaloo will be speaking at the ITWeb Cloud Summit 2018 in February on the pros and cons associated with moving critical infrastructure to the cloud.

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