When security is fast, business moves faster.

When a threat strikes, the clock starts ticking. Your network is under assault like never before, and every disruption can hit the bottom line. Conventional approaches aren’t working. You need something exceptional—in speed, reliability and intelligence.

Exceptional performance.

Delivering the highest throughput, low latency, and big data flows on a single, scalable system.

Exceptional reliability.

The most reliable carrier-grade firewall, with less than 16 seconds downtime per year.

Exceptional intelligence.

The first and only open threat intelligence firewall that supports more than 1 million records and matches threat data to enforcement policy in less than 60 seconds.

Express Path for the SRX5000 line

The first of its kind, the SRX data center firewall delivers the highest known performance on a single chassis with as low as 7 microseconds latency and 2 Tbps* performance — perfect for environments where security must operate at the speed of the network.

*Available first half of 2015.


Next-generation firewall in virtual form allows you to automate and scale with maximum control and efficiency. .

*Available first half of 2015.

Speed crucial to staying ahead in security game

Conventional approaches to network security aren't enough in a rapidly changing threat landscape, says Juniper Networks. Now, speed is of the essence in mitigating risk and responding to attacks.

Juniper Networks says as the threat landscape evolves and a growing variety of devices flood the network, companies are forced to not only meet network performance demands, but also ensure they have efficient, fast and scalable protection in place. They must have high speed and performance to prevent attacks, and must also ensure threat data can quickly inform firewall policies and enforcement points across the network.

These changing demands have prompted the development of the company's next-generation portfolio of intelligent, high performance network and security solutions.

Adrian Pickering, VP for Juniper Middle East and Africa, says processing power lies at the heart of a system's ability to scale and react instantly in this new environment. "Juniper is one of the few manufacturers not using commercial silicon, but designing and developing our own processors for our security, switching and routing solutions."

This enables the company to bring to market revolutionary new technologies such as its physical and virtual SRX firewalls, which are designed to dramatically boost throughput and reduce latency. Last month, Juniper Networks launched the most sophisticated silicon in Juniper's history,dramatically enhancing the processing power of its flagship products in routing, switching and security.

"For example, with ExpressPath in our high-end SRX5800 firewall, we can now provide our customers with 2Tb firewall throughput, ‘six nines' carrier-grade reliability, more than 100Gbps intrusion prevention system (IPS), and an industry record-breaking 100 million concurrent user sessions. This enables customers around the world to scale effectively as IP traffic increases and to respond quickly to evolving threats… hackers aren't sitting on their hands!" he says.

To stay ahead in the security game also requires proactive identification of evolving threats, notes Pickering. "We have one of the largest teams of security experts in the industry in terms of threat monitoring. Their sole purpose is to anticipate evolving risks and update the threat database on the SRX so that our customers are effectively protected." 

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